Frequently asked questions

  • Does Xwift drive throughout Europe ?
    • Yes.
      Xwift delivers and collects in all European countries.

  • Are your goods insured on our trucks ?
    • Yes.
      During transportation the goods are insured according to the CMR convention.

  • What happens with extra waiting times ?
    • Extra waiting times are charged per started fifteen minutes and per slide of 15 minutes.

  • Is Xwift available 24/24 ?
    • Yes.
      You can contact us via telephone 24/24 on the number 09/328 60 64.

  • What does the number of the "types" of vehicles present ?
    • The number represents the maximum weight that the vehicle may load.

  • Do your delivery vans have a loading bridge ?
    • No.
      Our delivery vans are not equipped with a loading bridge.
      The types T4000, T9000, T14000 and T25000 have a loading bridge.

  • Do all your trucks have sliding sides ?
    • Yes.

  • Do all your trucks have a roof curtain sider ?
    • No.
      If your goods need to be loaded through the roof, it is important to mention this when placing your order.

  • Is this Xwift-receipt a legal CMR ?
    • Yes.
      You can use the Xwift-receipt for your domestic shipments.

  • Which vehicles have a transpallet ?
    • All our trucks, except those with portable forklifts, are equipped with a transpallet, the delivery vans are not.

  • Does Xwift have an ADR permit ?
    • Yes, Xwift has an ADR permit. Only classes 1 and 7 cannot be transported by Xwift.