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XWIFT (small businesses) “AN ENORMOUS BOOST”

Two delivery vans in 2007, 40 vehicles in 2012. The least one can say is that there was no fiddling at the company Xwift from Kruishoutem. The goal was to be a major player in the express transport sector. Has that goal (already) been reached? An undisputed winner in the small businesses category.

Xwift is firstly the story of a man, Pieter Denys. He founded the courier company in January 2007, with the overt goal of growing rapidly. He started with 2 delivery vans, and by the end of the first year he already had 3 trucks. And since then the fleet has only expanded. In 2012 the fleet had 9 delivery vans, 25 trucks, 6 tractors and 6 trailers for a personnel count of 48 people and a turnover that had increased from 0.3 million euro in 2007 to 4 million in 2012. Impressive.


The question on everyone's lips, of course “how can this meteoric success be explained?” Pieter Denys: “Xwift is a company with an added value that responds to the traditional “weaknesses” in the transportation industry by providing solutions. On the one hand we are not happy with just one type of van or truck, much unlike other courier services. As a result we are always able to offer the best solution and we are the only line of approach for the client. On the other hand the client can turn to us for all types of transport for which the traditional groupage or distribution companies don't offer an immediate solution. We are active in the traditional express transport with collection within an hour after the request and delivery of 1 kg to 25 ton in the whole of Europe. We also provide less urgent direct delivery in the context of shipments without transhipment. We transport large volumes over short distances, organise a customised tour or project. The transport sector faces an image problem and Xwift would like to change that, with skilled Dutch drivers and staff, a modern fleet, but above all a very personal approach to tailored to the client. One of the keys to our success is that we distribute the risk over a large number of clients and sectors. Furthermore, we do not depend on fellow transporters, we barely ever work with sub-contractors and we manage everything from within. Finally, our drivers return home with their vehicles, which translates into reduced logistic expenses and optimal availability in Flanders, an extremely important asset in our sector.”


For the future, the company plans to further refine its range and raise its service level. It strives for a balanced and gradual growth with the assurance that “employees and (future) clients will reap the benefits.”

Pieter Denys did not expect that he would win the “Gazellen Transport & Logistics”: “Since our company was only founded in 2007, I certainly did not expect this prize. I am flattered that people recognise my work in this way, because I started from scratch and faced a huge financial challenge. It is also a recognition for the work that the entire team, and in particular our sales team, has accomplished. It gives us a huge boost and I hope that we can inspire other young entrepreneurs.”

Xwift, that is...
• 9 delivery vans, 25 rigid trucks 6 tractors and 6 trailers
• A track & trace system on all vehicles
• Useful loads of 4, 9, 14 and 25 ton
• 48 employees
• 500 clients
• Offices in Kruishoutem en various fictitious departure points across the country

Source: Logistics Management (November 2012)
Scan from Logistics Management (November 2012 edition)

Xwift Transport, VH Trans and Distrilog crowned “Gazellen Transport & Logistics” 2012

More than 250 people gathered on Wednesday 26 September during the Prologistics salon to discover the Gazellen Transport & Logistics 2012, an initiative by TRANSPORTMEDIA in cooperation with Trends TOP and easyFairs. Distrilog, VH Trans and Xwift Transport won prizes due to the remarkable growth that they recorded over the past five years.

The selection is based on 3 criteria (*):the strongest growth in sales (or gross margin for small businesses), the growth of the workforce and cash flow. These details are calculated over a period of 5 years, based on both the nominal value of the growth and the growth expressed in percentages.

With the small businesses, Xwift Transport was the first winner. For the transport service from Kruishoutem, specialising mainly in express transport, the distinction of Gazelle is a logical result of the growth that the company has made in recent years. The prizes for second and third winners went to RSC Trans and Scanroad Belgium respectively.

In the category of medium-sized companies, the first prize went to VH Trans from Oudenburg, part of the Verhelst group. VH Trans provides transport of building materials for the West-Flemish construction group and has up to 130 trucks on the road. The second place in the category medium-sized businesses went to Billiet from Zelzate, TLS came in on third place.

With the large companies, the entire top 3 was populated by logistic heavyweights. Tabaknatie had to settle for the bronze medal. The remarkable growth of Dachser Belgium was just not enough to win the golden medal. And so, the Belgian family business Distrilog was crowned Gazelle Transport & Logistics, under the approving eye of the entire audience and main sponsors Still, Base Business and seat. Prologistics-organiser easyFairs could not have dreamt of a better ending to the first exhibit evening…

* Criteria. In order to qualify, the company should be at least five years old. Furthermore, the company should also submit a positive cash flow and have created at least 20 jobs since its establishment. The companies are selected within three categories:

  • The «small businesses» with a gross margin in the founding year of less than 1 million € (we cannot take into account sales, since many small companies do not publish their turnover in their balance sheet).
  • The «medium sized businesses» with sales between 1 and 10 million € in the founding year.
  • The «large businesses» with sales equal to or higher than 10 million € in the founding year.

Source: TransportMedia 27/09/2012

Trends Gazellen Transport & Logistics 2012 winners: Xwift, VH-Trans and Distrilog

As per tradition, the “Trends Gazellen Transport & Logistics” are presented during the late night opening of the Prologistics-fair.
 The 2012 edition of the “Trends Gazellen Transport & Logistics” was presented in Brussels Expo by journalist Frédéric Deborsu. He declared that, as RTBF journalist, he was selected to speak in front of a predominantly Flemish audience simply because French speaking journalists are much cheaper than Flemish…
 It was not quite as funny as intended, when the figures indicated afterwards that our sector estimates that 16% of the freight is ‘spoiled’ through cabotage. Belgian's high labour costs are indicated as the main cause for this. According to the official European figures, cabotage ‘only’ amounts to 6%.

Tommy Browaeys from Biblio (publisher of Trends Top) further illustrates the dismal results of their recent survey of 50 Belgian companies in the logistics sector. It showed that, since the crisis of 2008, there has been an oversupply on the transport market, causing prices to remain under pressure.

Unfortunately labour and fuel costs continue to rise, which mean that many companies struggle increasingly more to be profitable, possibly leading to financial difficulties. 17% of respondents expect to feel a further decline in turnover. To address these difficult market circumstances, 3 recipes were presented:

• Vigorous cost control
• Implementing automation projects
• Pass on higher costs to the client. Only 6% of the respondents were willing to do this. Last year there were 10%. The Jost Group, which uses the itlb-index for its client Carrefour, was quoted as an example of success.

Below is a list of the winners of the “Trends Gazellen Transport & Logistics 2012″, proving that it is still possible to do business, even under difficult market circumstances.

Small businesses (< 1 million euro turnover in the reference year):

1. Xwift has 41 Dutch skilled drivers of European nationality.

Medium-sized businesses (between 1 and 10 million euro turnover in the reference year):

1. VH-Trans NV provides internal transport for construction materials for the Verhelst Group, and also delivers to third parties through its subsidiary Verhelst Logistics.
2. Billiet NV from Zelzate which is run by a woman was the only winner this year.
3. TLS

Large businesses (> 10 million euro turnover in the reference year):

1. Distrilog Group: director Philip Salaerts indicated that they have 150 trucks on the road, but that that was the result of 21 years of hard work.
2. Dachser Belgium
3. Tabaknatie

Congratulations to these fast climbers, we hope that their growth proves to be sustainable.

Source: 26/09/2012


Xwift Express Service

Company profile
Company: Xwift BVBA, Kruishoutem
Primary activities: Xwift specialises in express transport within the European Union, in all shapes and sizes.
Implementation GTV: Implementation of a localization and dispatch system for a fleet of delivery vans and trucks that traverse the whole of Europe. In addition to optimal planning, this system also ensures an additional security factor.

"Since the installation of GTV, the management of our logistics has been a walk in the park"

Balancing parameters
As young transport company we have chosen to join in the expectations of this time. A thorough track & trace system is simply part of that.
After thoroughly comparing various partners on a number of important independent parameters such as support and after-sales service, we felt that collaboration with GTV was the right choice. I took some balancing because of the initial start investment in hardware, but it turns out that it offers a huge return.

Increased efficiency
Our efficiency has increased significantly, both in terms of cost price as well as customer service. In terms of logistics, it has truly become a walk in the park for our dispatchers and drivers! In many companies the sales department is easily accessible, but the technical support is much more difficult. The GTV helpdesk is very easily accessible in case of technical problems. GTV prove extremely correct and fast service, something that is crucial to us as an express transporter.
Every product branch within GTV has its own employees and specialisation. That makes it very convenient for us as a customer, and especially time saving to work with GTV.

More than just hardware
Due to the rapid growth of our company, it seems evident to us to continue to build on the current collaboration with GTV Harelbeke and its commercial and technical department, and not just for the hardware.

GTV is already providing our company with everything related to telephony and track and trace. More than 35 vehicles have already been equipped with a track & trace system, and what our company is concerned, many more will follow in the future!

Source: GTV 14/02/2012

Article by GTV