National and international expresses

As express transport company, we take care of all your urgent shipments. We treat your national and international shipments with the greatest care. You can reach us anytime, we are at your service 24/7 and 365/365. Your question is answered immediately and we help you find the best possible solution. 

Just-In-Time deliveries are among our specialties. If your goods have to arrive punctually, we make sure that our truck is there. When you entrust us with a Just-In-Time delivery, there is no further need to be concerned with the transport. We guarantee delivery on the agreed hour.

As with every transport company, we must comply with driving and rest periods. Observing rest periods may negatively affect your urgent shipments. In order to eliminate this delay, we offer the possibility to use 2 drivers on your freight. This way, your shipment is not subjected to the delay caused by regulatory driving and rest periods. You cargo therefore stays in motion.

Volume over a short distance

The transport sector is dominated by the misconception that express transport is more expensive than a classic distribution transport (groupage transport). If you were to use our services for a transport with a limited transit distance and a larger volume, we can offer better prices than a traditional distribution transporter.

You combine a great price with the numerous benefits that an express transport offers compared to a groupage transport. With express transport, the goods are not transhipped or combined with that of other clients and our trucks drive straight through to your recipient.

Direct delivery

These are non-urgent shipments, for which you still prefer express transport.

This because you want to completely exclude the possibility of damage, loss, theft, etc. of your fragile, delicate and/or expensive goods.


If you have a number of loading and/or unloading locations, we will make a personalised tour with only your load on the truck. We look at the most optimal route for you, so that we can help you as economically as possible. This truck is entirely at your disposal during the tour. You are free to change your route if something urgent were to come up.

Pickups can also be planned into these trips.

The track-and-trace system ensures that you can always check on the evolution of your tour. This allows you to adjust your tour at any time.

Ideal for companies who need to cope with overflows or absence of its own personnel.