Our assets

Availability 24/7 – 365/365

Direct delivery

Collection in Flanders within two hours after placing your order

Reduced risk of damage, loss or theft

Your price requests are always answered within 30 minutes

Various departure points in Flanders

Recent and very diverse fleet, the right vehicle for each type of shipment

Track & Trace system on all vehicles to be able to locate your shipment quickly

Drivers have the necessary language knowledge, neat appearance and capability of being the face of your company

A signal and/or digital Proof of Delivery can be sent immediately after delivery on request

We make daily efforts to reduce our ecological footprint

For more information, email us at transport@xwift.be

No outsourcing to sub-contractors

Employees in permanent employment, no self-employed personnel

Our services

National and international expresses

As express transport company, we take care of all your urgent shipments. We treat your national and international shipments with the greatest care. You can reach us anytime, we are at your service 24/7 and 365/365. Your question is answered immediately and we help you find the best possible solution.

Just-In-Time deliveries are among our specialties. If your goods have to arrive punctually, we make sure that our truck is there. When you entrust us with a Just-In-Time delivery, there is no further need to be concerned with the transport. We guarantee delivery on the agreed hour.

As with every transport company, we must comply with driving and rest periods. Observing rest periods may negatively affect your urgent shipments. In order to eliminate this delay, we offer the possibility to use 2 drivers on your freight. This way, your shipment is not subjected to the delay caused by regulatory driving and rest periods. You cargo therefore stays in motion.

Volume over a short distance

The transport sector is dominated by the misconception that express transport is more expensive than a classic distribution transport (groupage transport). If you were to use our services for a transport with a limited transit distance and a larger volume, we can offer better prices than a traditional distribution transporter.

You combine a great price with the numerous benefits that an express transport offers compared to a groupage transport. With express transport, the goods are not transhipped or combined with that of other clients and our trucks drive straight through to your recipient.

Direct delivery

These are non-urgent shipments, for which you still prefer express transport.

This because you want to completely exclude the possibility of damage, loss, theft, etc. of your fragile, delicate and/or expensive goods.


If you have a number of loading and/or unloading locations, we will make a personalised tour with only your load on the truck. We look at the most optimal route for you, so that we can help you as economically as possible. This truck is entirely at your disposal during the tour. You are free to change your route if something urgent were to come up.

Pickups can also be planned into these trips.

The track-and-trace system ensures that you can always check on the evolution of your tour. This allows you to adjust your tour at any time.

Ideal for companies who need to cope with overflows or absence of its own personnel.

ADR (packages / all classes except 1 and 7)

ADR places high demands on transport. We extend the known quality and service of Xwift to all your ADR transports (packages - all classes except 1 and 7).

This type of transport requires distinct knowledge and experience from start to finish. Xwift therefore makes every effort to ensure safety. Some of our drivers are specially trained for ADR, and we also have our own internal safety advisor.

Only in this way can you be sure that we will deliver your goods without problems according to the legal provisions.

Moffett / Portable forklift

When you choose our truck-mounted forklifts, the driver no longer has to wait for a forklift to become available when loading or unloading. This allows safe, fast and efficient deliveries.

In short, more deliveries in a shorter time, a substantial saving!

We can also deliver to hard-to-reach locations with our Moffett's, such as construction sites, interrupted and/or narrow streets, ...

Refrigerated transport

We can offer you a suitable solution for all your transports that have to be carried out under a conditioned temperature.

Our vehicles have the following specifications:

• -25°C / +25°C
• ATP-FRC certificate
• Pharma certificate
• Bi-temperature optional + relocatable wall
• Cold curtain with door contact + timer
• XL load security certificate
• Low Noise cooling group
• Datacold 600T recorder = permanent temperature monitoring during transport


Frequently asked questions

Yes, Xwift delivers and collects in all European countries.

Yes, during transportation your goods are insured according to the CMR convention.

Additional waiting times are charged per 15 minutes started and per 15-minute bracket.

Yes, you can reach us by phone 24/24 on 09/328 60 64.

This number represents the maximum weight that the vehicle may load.

No, our delivery vans are not equipped with a loading ramp.
The types T4000, T9000, T14000, T25000, T7000C and T25000C do have a loading ramp.

No, if your goods need to be loaded via the roof, you must state this with your order.

Yes, you can use the Xwift receipt for your domestic shipments.

All our trucks, except those with a portable forklift, are equipped with a pallet truck, the delivery vans are not.

Yes, Xwift has an ADR license. Only classes 1 and 7 cannot be transported by Xwift.

View these specifications under the section Fleet.

Yes, this is possible. For more information, please contact us by email or telephone.

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