Are you looking for a warehouse or logistics solution for your goods ?
In addition to our (inter)national transport service, we now also offer warehousing and logistics. At Xwift, you can visit our top locations in Temse and Lokeren. Our warehouses currently have a combined surface area of almost 10,000 m².

You can contact us with slow-moving and fast-moving goods. As a logistics service provider in addition to the inbound & outbound, picking & co-packing activities we can also provide value added logistics such as repacking, labelling, cross-docking, handling, etc. .

In addition, we always guarantee incoming and outgoing transportation of your goods. This is carried out with our extensive fleet of trucks but can also be carried out by your own parties.

Furthermore, we are working very hard on our brand new site at the location of Buyl Transport's current premises in the Dijkstraat in Lokeren.

Contact us for a solution tailored to your needs

Pachtgoedstraat 2, 9140 Temse, België

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