Corona update


Dear Customer,

As each of you undoubtedly knows, our society is currently affected by exceptional circumstances. This has an impact on everyone's private life, but also on professional activities.

In view of the many questions that come to us as a company regarding our availability, we would like to expressly confirm that the operation of Xwift is currently unchanged from the approach we have taken since its establishment.

Today Xwift has sufficient capacity to assist you in the execution of your transport orders. Both with vans (regular, cooled or ADR), various types of trucks (regular, cooled or ADR), various types of trucks equipped with Moffett (portable forklift),… In short, the entire Xwift fleet that you know.

It is true that certain customers have temporarily closed their doors. This created additional availibility in our capacity. However, it is also the case that other customers order more from us. E.g. the department stores to give just one example.

However, there are also companies that are looking for exceptional alternatives due to these exceptional circumstances. Here we are talking, for example, about companies that can normally rely on their own fleet of vehicles with their own drivers, but who are now outsourcing to specialized transporters such as Xwift due to illness or the protection of their own personnel.

As we always promised you, we are still available 24/7 (365/365). In good and bad times. This is no different today and will not change in the coming period, unless we are faced with an exceptionally high drop in the number of available drivers. However, we currently have no indication in our workforce to assume that this will be any different in the short term. Xwift has the advantage of the number. This both in terms of the number of available drivers and in terms of the number of available vehicles.

It is true that we have taken extra security measures to protect our drivers and to protect the shipper and the recipient of the goods. Some of these are:
- Our drivers adhere to the measures imposed by the government
- Always keep 1,5m away (social distancing)
- Deliveries to private individuals are only possible up to the threshold
- Cash money on deliveries is no longer accepted by our drivers
If you wish, you can contact your account manager to get a detailed overview of all these interventions.
It goes without saying that you can also contact our people in the dispatch department with whom you arrange your transports.
By phone at 09/328 60 64 or by email at .

In difficult times we need to help each other, both privately and professionally. When it comes to road freight traffic, your people and loads are still in safe hands with us!

We wish you much strength in these difficult times. If we can help you, please let us know!

Best regards,

The XWIFT team

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